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Is It Safe to Pay for Online Subscription on Porn Sites?

Sometimes to get access to special content on porn websites and be the first to review newly added videos, you need to pay for an online subscription. Those who have ever paid for access to porn claim that it’s worth the effort. However, there are also those who are afraid of paying for a subscription to porn online and have to settle for less. So is there anything risky about paying for the online subscription on porn websites? What should one know about making online payments?

Why Are People Afraid to Pay on the Internet? read more

Why Do Men Watch Porn Videos More Often?

Psychologists have explained why men watched porn movies more often then women did and why males preferred watching porn instead of having sex in a real life. So why do men watch porn? Why has it become a regular activity for many males? What do they find special in such a pastime?

What’s Special in Watching Porn Movies?

According to the study of American experts, 97% of men from different parts of the world regularly watched porn, and 2% of interviewers have refused to answer this question. Most of the representatives of the stronger sex believe that watching sex online is a relaxing pastime that helps overcome boredom while dinner is being prepared or the wife is at work. read more

How Does Home Porn Get to the Internet?

In the San Fernando Valley in California, more than 20,000 people work in the porn industry, but only a couple hundred of them are real celebrities, who can generate a decent income. Despite the fact that in 2018, users have visited Pornhub over 28.5 billion times, some videos featured online might be someone’s personally owned property.

Cases of personal information leakage are not rare and happen quite often, no matter if you are a famous person or an ordinary Internet user. Such problems are, first of all, associated with improper Internet use and incautious password storage. If you want to prevent your home erotic videos from off-site eyes, then we strongly recommend you to pay special attention to our professional advice. read more

Is It True that VR Pornography Is the Future?

New technologies are taking all the markets, and the porn industry is not an exception. Thus, the new revolutionary trend of all-varied industries is VR and different visual effects. Thanks to special techniques applied in VR, it allows users to take an active part in what’s happening in the screen and feel like real participants of an action. Isn’t that just a miracle all porn fans have dreamt about for ages?

No doubt that the new type of pornography is going to be the future – industry experts would hardly disagree with the claim. And such a prediction is not unfounded. There are dozens of arguments to support a statement: read more

What Did Porn Bring to Humanity?

Porn is popular not only because there is a lot of nudity in it, but also due to the application of revolutionary technology in it. Eroticism is driven by innovation – from chatbots to virtual reality – all these were and are widely applied in the porn industry. There is nothing surprising in the fact that most modern technology has come to us from porn. Pornography has laid the foundation for the most important technologies of our time – from the iPhone’s touchscreen to sexual experience in virtual reality. read more